Sales Policy

Creekbend Meadows would like to keep the sales policy as simple as possible. So, the following list is our expectations for farm purchases from interested parties. We hope to add PayPal in the future for buyers, but until that time, please review the subsequent list:

1.       Prices of farm items/livestock will be what the seller (Creekbend Meadows) and buyer agree upon before transaction.

2.      In order for the buyer to reserve a certain kid(s) or goat(s) for purchase, a deposit must be made prior to pick-up.  Creekbend Meadows will accept check or money orders via postal mail service or in person.  Remaining balance is required in full at pick-up; however, cash will also be accepted for the remaining balance.

3.      If checks made for deposit bounce, the kid(s) or goat(s) intended for reservation will no longer be held for the prospective buyer.

4.      If the buyer would like kid(s) or goat(s) shipped, the buyer will be responsible for all shipping costs, seen or unforeseen.  These costs will be made to Creekbend Meadows prior to shipping along with full payment price of kid(s) or goat(s).

5.      Other farm products, such as honey and soap (when available) can be paid upon pick-up with cash, check or money order.  If buyer does not arrive within one week of reservation of product, the product will be forfeited by the intended buyer.  Also, if buyer is not in a location that allows in-person pick-up, the buyer can request item to be shipped. At that time, buyer must pay shipping costs and full price of item prior to actual shipment.  Honey will only be available in plastic jars for shipping.

6.      Lastly, Creekbend Meadows cannot issue refunds for items or livestock purchased. Once kid(s) or goat(s) have been paid in full and are in the possession of the buyer, the new owner becomes totally responsible for the livestock including the health care of the livestock.  The only way a deposit will be considered for refund is if the kid(s) or goat(s) reserved by the buyer perish while still on the property of Creekbend Meadows.


*Creekbend Meadows reserves the right to retain any animal from our farm at any time for any reason.



If there are any other questions or concerns about purchases from Creekbend Meadows, please contact us directly. We will work toward a solution if at all possible. The above policy does not apply to purchases made in the past or those already previously negotiated.  Thanks for your interest in Creekbend Meadows!


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